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The actual definition of just what a database is becomes important in this question.

A database can be thought of as any repository of data, electronic or not.
Vitally a database shouldn't be thought of as a static set of information that holds historic data. It is at it's most useful when used to really help in the day to day running of a company.

A database driven software solution might typically keep track of all your past and current clients, orders, deliveries, installations, enquiries.
Whatever your particular business specialises in.
It can maintain the status of these things – and follow their progression. It can and will change over time. Constantly being added to – and should be the very thing that keeps track of what your business is doing right now.

Vitally, a database turns data into information. It shows you the data that it holds in a way that is of use to you. You should be able to find that one relevant entry easily – and in a variety of ways.
You should be able to view the current status of events, the history of any particular client, the recent trends of all your customers.
You might have future actions to perform depending on a certain client’s type. You might want the system to remind you of those actions when it becomes appropriate.

The information that runs your business probably isn’t in its most useful form yet.
But you can get it there with professionals who have done this and more - many times over.

Why the tools we use?

There are a truly staggering number of possible software development tools available today.

It can be argued that some are “more powerful” than others.
In reality, the true power behind a development environment is the person using it – the developer, i.e. the programmer. The intelligence and ingenuity of the person doing the programming ultimately determines how great an application is – not necessarily what it was written in – every developer has their favourites.
Microsoft Access is the most popular desktop database system in the world.
Its popularity completely belies the true power and range of capabilities that it has… in the right hands.

Database Development is an Access specialist that has made use of this tool to provide solutions that some companies have felt wouldn’t be possible. Its very nature is to work with and control data – but it is up to the developer to control how advanced the interface is made between user and data.
The total solution can then incorporate other Microsoft Office applications (typically Word, Outlook or Excel) to provide fully rounded business software. Incorporating full-blown Visual Basic development to provide utilities and tie in components if appropriate, often where the data aspect is less prominent.

Why us?

Database Development will help you. We will come and see you, advise you, offer solutions.
If you wish to proceed further then we will work with you, developing according to your business methods. Making a system that works for you - making the real positive difference to the way you work.
The work that we do will be professional, custom built and programmed just for you and delivered with pride in our work and a customer care that isn’t going to just disappear.

We’re confident that once you’ve seen what can be done – you’ll want us to provide the solution to the next situation you can think of.

Leigh Purvis (Proprietor)
Microsoft Access MVP.

Co-Author of Microsoft Access Small Business Solutions
Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk

British Computer Society
Professional Member.

Brainbench Master



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